Ranking Day 1

The first day was highly emotional  for the 58 pilots on the starting line.  Little damage despite a rough sea. Resilience and stamina were called for on the Fort-de-France/ Saint-Pierre round followed by the Fort-de-France/ Trois-Ilets round in the afternoon.


PRO F1: The Pastorello/Botti team, winner of the previous edition, dominated throughout the 2 rounds of this first race day. The Martinican, Jean Daniel Gertrude was not outdone given that he ranked 3rd just after the Guadeloupean team composed by Granger Anthony and Lucas in second position.


F1 GRAND TURISMO :  The Martinique/Dubaï team of Jean-Marc Bod and Almaznzooqi showed its claws to reach the first position followed by Claerhout from Belgium and the UK team OE/AYSHA.  The first Martinican team consisting of  Christèle Moreau and Ludovic Philippy, is at rank 6 .


F1 ATMO : The Guadeloupean duet Granger Fabrice and Naïa, are placed at the top of the ranking,  followed by the UK team Ashley/Batte and the Martinicans, Catherine Rui and Rodin Samuel

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